Multimedia content production

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Multimedia is the use and processing of multiple media (text, audio, graphics, animation, video, and interactivity) to convey different information or produce multimedia (music, video, movies, games, entertainment, etc.)Multimedia production factors, among others:

  1. Media text
Using the text as a medium in content production is the development of human civilization since the first time that began with the symbol shape then developed with clear text. 

     2.Media audio
Advanced technology, noise filter, echo. in addition to using many current hardware soft ware to process sound into digital sound files in various formats

Two crucial aspects to prepare digital audio file:
  • Harmonize the needs of sound quality in the RAM and hard drive resources
  • Setting an appropriate recording level for recording a clean and nice
     3.Media videoVideo is a multimedia element to describe the message to be conveyed through pictures, digital video is an important part of multimedia is the most alluring and powerful tool that allows users computer closer to the real world.Some considerations to make digital Video production:
  • Computer with a fire wire (IEEE 1394 or iLink) cable and
  • Faster processor
  • Large RAM capacity
  • The capacity of the hard disk should be large
  • Show a second time to further ensure editing software.
  • Audio mixer to adjust the sound output from the camcorder, external Pem-talk
  • Soft non-linear editing (NLE)
     4.Media animation.Animation is a visual change over time and give great power to the pryoyek multimedia.Animation techniques include:
  • Identify activities that will be displayed, if it is too complex to be made by written skrips lists the required activities and objects
  • Make a storyboard for visualizing animations
  • Choose the appropriate animation tools to the job.
  • Develop sequence, including the creation of objects, surface textures, add light, experimenting with the effect of light, camera position.
  • Rendering special and add sound effect

     5.Media graphics / images.Products graphic media content / image is identical to the 2-dimensional image or text form.

  • Graphics are graphs, are letters, denoted by the letter.
  • Nature of mathematics, statistics, form of dots or lines areas that can visually explain the relationship you want served.
     6.Interactive MediaThe rapid growth of CD production presents lessons learning process independently to the evaluation of learning outcomes, the media is also called by the term e-learning than packaged in a CD but can be presented via the Internet are on the Web

    7.Media special effectsDisplaying an image to live sometimes required a special effect as the back sound in accordance with the meaning of the displayed image. Demikaian well as pictures and videos.Are included in the category of special effect applications software makers are:

  • Adobe
  • Show Biz DVD
  • WinDVD Creater
  • Element Premier
  • Pinnacle Studio Plus
  • After Effects
  • Ulead Video Studio
  • Nero Ultra Edition
  • Power Director
  • Easy Media Creator