Opening Speech

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

The biggest mistake beginners is orator began his speech by apologizing. "I'm sorry I'm not an orator." "I'm not ready to make a speech". "I can not say anything." Moreover, if you are not ready, some attendees will know without you let me know. Same thing you are insulting the audience. Assume the audience is not important, so do not have to get ready with the preparations measured. What to do?
1. Start with a story. Who is not interested in a story. Primitive peoples around the campfire to hear stories. People come to the city to watch the story of the theater building. Children love didongenkan stories before bed. Scriptures such as the Gospel and the Qur'an, contains real-life stories to be learned lesson. Profiled start your speech with words like interesting stories in the novel.
2. Start with the joint opinion. Make people agree from the beginning. Take care to keep them agreed. What is wrong? Not really. During your speech rational, why not? Listeners not attend your speech just to argue with your coachman.

3. Awaken your curiosity listener. Man does not want new knowledge. Animals also have koriusitas or high curiosity. Ask questions. Build a slick collaboration with the listener. Make your audience wondering about the who, what, why, how, and please continue your own.
4. The words of famous people always proven to attract attention. Why not start a speech with the words of the famous quote. Stop for a moment after the quote and say the name of a famous person. It will make the atmosphere becomes more impressive.
5. Use props. That would make the audience more focused attention, and they can imagine themselves. For this, I think you are too smart for me to explain again.
6. Surprise your audience. Give the surprising fact that they said, "oh yeah yeah", amazed: "Wow!" Or make them stunned: "Aaapaaaa??? '
7. We must immediately turned around when he heard the person next to us talking about the name, something that we like or things related to Kita. Begin with the topic of the speech is highly desirable that your listeners. How do I know what topics they want? That's good preparation. That's the opening steps in a speech. So how close his speech? Vocal technique makes singing easier, make our voice more clear and powerful, increasing stamina in singing, and most importantly, prevent damage to our vocal instrument is not sold everywhere these. Each teacher has their own method of teaching vocal technique. For me, one very important key about this is, if singing hurts, stop. There must be something wrong with something, whether it's your technique, or perhaps your vocal instrument is damaged. Next I made the cardinal rule is that before and when you sing, you must be in a relaxed state. Will optimize your breathing relaxed, and make sure there are no unnecessary muscle tension and wasted energy.
My advise to all the singers, so even if you have a career as a vocalist, you should keep looking for a vocal coach so that you are always reminded to regularly practice and strengthen the muscles of your vocal instrument, in order to improve your vocal performance and continue to improve your general health .
I dedicate this blog for lovers of the vocal. I'm happy to share. I myself is not a singer who has been excellent, but it's what I write about vocal technique has been proven to help me during my singing. Please select the category> vocals to read various articles that I have written.