Understanding Business Proposal

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

1. Understanding Business Proposal
In general, the business proposal is a written document prepared by the entrepreneur in describing all the relevant elements of both internal and external of the business plan.
Another definition describes that business proposal or business plan is a selling document that reveals the attractiveness and expectations of a business that will be open to potential funders.

According to Hisrich Peters Proposal are:
Is a written document prepared by the entrepreneur that describes all the relevant elements of both internal and external to the company about starting a business, usually involving marketing, capital, manufacturing and human resources.

2.Pentingnya Business Proposal
In the course of business proposal employers adjust to the objectives to be achieved. The proposal must be able to describe all aspects relating to the business which will be opened so that it can attract funding or other resources that will be invited to cooperate.
In this case the development of a business can be used as a medium of communication with outside parties. Once the importance of drafting a business proposal it should be pure business proposals made by the employers themselves, and not just copy other people's business proposal.
There are several reasons why employers need to develop a business proposal, among other things:

To obtain capital from investors or funders. Sometimes entrepreneurs who will start a business can not provide their own capital that need capital from investors.
To give you an idea of ​​the performance of the business to be run to the outside. By reading the business proposal, usually to describe the ability of the employer to manage its business and how the business operations are carried out.
To provide guidelines for employers to stay focused on the business goals and targets. In this proposal a complete set of business goals, vision, mission and business plans will be achieved in the future so that it can be used as a guideline in conducting its business.
For a chance to succeed. With the business proposal that outsiders get complete information about the business to be opened. Expected that the interest of outside parties to cooperate. This can lead to successful businessman.
According to Bygrave (1944:115) there are several important reasons why you should make up the Business Plan:
1. To sell yourself on the bussines.
     By creating a good business proposal, interesting and easily understood by the other party, then the employer is not directly sell the business idea and business ideas to others who will be invited to cooperate (investors, suppliers, business service management, etc.)
2. To OBTAIN bank financing.
     Comprehensive business proposal that can provide a clear and convincing to the bank to drain funds.
3. To OBTAIN investment fund.
      The owners of capital will generally look for companies that have a good health condition. This condition can be seen in the business proposal, business proposals were well arranged demonstrated a clear and detailed plan so that it can attract the capital pemilk.
4. To OBTAIN large contracts.
     As a development, business proposal can be used to expand partnerships with other companies. With a good business proposal can give that effort to open a business opportunity for other companies to become interested in cooperation.
5. To attract key employees.
     Proposal made efforts to attract entrepreneurs to join professional employees. By looking at a company business proposal, experienced and professional employees are able to assess clearly whether the business will be run companies can succeed or not.
If the perceived benefit to the employee, they will be interested to join. Keep in mind in the business world, more companies looking for professional employees employed.
6. To motivate and focus your management team.
    Business proposal can be used as a guide for the direction and management to run its business, making it more focus and not deviate from its intended purpose.